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Victorian Dance Society of The Amherst Museum
About US

The Victorian Dance Society teaches dances popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. The focus is on 1837 to 1901 and includes dances such as the Waltz, Quadrille, Lancers, Grand March, Schottische, Virginia Reel and many more.

The Society, started as the dream of Karen Boatman, a Civil War Reenactor; and Miles Linnabery, a former ballet dancer who had taught vintage dancing in Colorado, before coming to Buffalo. Karen became the first President of the Society and Miles became the Dance Master. Together they guided the growth of an organization that now has 47 active members and over the years has served nearly 130 members.

We are located north of Buffalo, NY in Amherst, NY. The Victorian Dance Society is one of the guilds of the Amherst Museum

Some of our members

Society members hold workshops, an annual ball and perform at Museum events. The society also gives demonstrations at cultural and historic events. Recent venues include the Erie County Historical Society, the 20th Century Club, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the History Museum in Jordan, Ontario. Public performances requiring period clothing are optional for each member.

The Victorian Dance Society meets at 7 PM on the first Wednesday of the month at the Amherst Museum and on the fourth Wednesday at the VFW Post on Spring Street in Williamsville. Dress for meetings is casual, but slick soled shoes are recommended. Athletic shoes and high heels make dancing difficult.

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