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Victorian Dance Society of The Amherst Museum
Past Events
November 22, 2008
Victorian Tea / Lancaster Library / Children's Activity

All the young ladies and their Mom's and Grandmothers in attendance got a chance to try Victorian Dancing. Our dance instructor,Tony, taught a simplified Virginia Reel and the constant favorite of young audiences, the Jenny Lind Polka. Tony asked the youngsters, "Who knows how to count to 6 ?" Of course, they all raised their hands. He then added, "If you can count to 6, you can do the waltz. It's 1-2-3 to the left and 4-5-6 to the right." All proceeded to waltz !.......The Victorian dancers entertained the audience with several Lancer's Quadrilles and the Spanish Waltz.....Maureen described the Victorian clothing worn by the Society members, talked about how Victorian ladies dressed for a day's social activities and answered several great questions from the audience.......It was a wonderful turn out and all the children and adults seemed to have a memorable afternoon !


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